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Article: How does Semi-permanent Eyebrows Work at Shavata Singh Studios?

How does Semi-permanent Eyebrows Work at Shavata Singh Studios

How does Semi-permanent Eyebrows Work at Shavata Singh Studios?

In the realm of semi-permanent brows, few names shine as brightly as Shavata Singh's. A seasoned professional renowned for her exceptional skill and artistry, she has redefined the world of beauty through her revolutionary semi-permanent technique. With a dedication to crafting brows that appear effortlessly natural, Shavata has become a trusted expert, transforming countless faces with her unique approach.

Shavata meticulously works to create brows that not only enhance natural features but also maintain a subtle, genuine appearance. Offering semi-permanent brows that are never left as a focus for the face, but gentle enough for you to not need to touch your brows when you have no makeup on. 

Every procedure begins with a personalized consultation, during which she takes the time to understand each client's unique preferences, face shape, and skin tone. Our Shavata Brow Technicians have the same passion for their craft, which is evident in every stroke made. So, Shavata clients can trust that their brows are in the hands of a true artist. This consultation also includes discussing your desired eyebrow shape, color, style, medical history and facial structure. The best part? Your consultation fee is redeemable against your semi-permanent treatment when you book within a month. 

Semi-permanent brows adds a tiny amount of pixelated colour and some fine hair strokes just at the start of the brows. Before we get started, the brows are drawn first and once happy with the shape, we recommend a colour. We go a shade lighter first as we can always go darker if needed from there. We try to use as much real brow hair as possible for this to look as natural as possible.

Within the first 5 days eyebrows can go very dark, this is part of the healing. So, we always recommend choosing an appointment day where you have no special occasions for the week. Don’t touch them for 24 hours and apply the balm we give you 3-4 times a day. We also recommend not to wet them or have heat treatments for 48 hours. As brows heal, it can feel itchy but do not pick any scabs, in order to let your brows heal beautifully. 

After 5 days the brows will fade to the desired look. If they fade too light, you can come back within 3 months to darken them slightly, and, there is no extra cost for this and it is included!

We always recommend an annual follow up from 9-12 months from first treatment and suggest you will still need to get your brows tamed and shaped to keep them looking clean and balanced. Remember, semi-permanent brows are there to subtly fill in the gaps, not for a whole new brow shape. 

Throughout the whole process Shavata and her team are available for reassurance and to answer any questions you may have on your semi-permanent brow journey.

You can book a semi-permanent makeup consultation here

Where you can choose to have a consultation with an Expert Shavata Brow Technician, or Shavata Singh herself.


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