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About Us

Meet the architect behind some of the most iconic brows of the century. With over 30 years’ experience in taming unruly brows and contouring thick, straight lashes, Shavata is a recognised authority in the beauty industry.

Meet Shavata

Her career began as a beauty therapist at Michaeljohn in Mayfair, where she developed a loyal following for shaping eyebrows. A beauty trend, at the time that was not a part of your core beauty regime. Regular clients would come in for a facial and Shavata would provide her clients with complimentary natural eyebrow shaping using pure cotton thread, also known as Threading.

She was the only threader at the salon, and it came to her realisation that there was great potential in Threading. One day a (now ex) British Vogue Editor came into the salon for her waxing and Shavata offered her brow service. She promised to achieve a face lift effect in less than 15 minutes. The Vogue Editor adored her new brows so much and a n article was published as a result on her more youthful appearance Shavata’s first press hit.

Soon clients came flocking for their eyebrows to be shaped. Some of her celebrity clients have included Adele, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Brook, Kate Hudson, and Elle Macpherson to name but a few.

“Eyebrows aren’t there to be complimented. It’s like when you go into an art gallery, you never say ‘Wow what a beautiful frame’. The frame is there silently to make that painting look its best. My job is the same to help compliment the windows of the soul. A lot of our clients always say people ask them if they done something different after they’ve had their eyebrows done by us because they look so well.”

Shortly after Harrods approached Shavata and offered her a concession space within luxury beauty destination, Urban Retreat. It was then that she launched The Brow Studio and began to rapidly grow her business. The core success of her brand is the service. Shavata to this day is the Founder and Managing Director of The Brow Studio, as well as a practicing beauty therapist three times a week.

The Brow Studio specialises in Brows and Lashes offering expert Facial Threading, Brow & Lash Tinting and Semi Permanent Lash Extension treatments. Semi Permanent Brow Makeup, Microblading, Waxing and Facials are also available in selected studios nationwide.

Shavata has personally developed a specialist line of products, including the Award Winning Defining Pencil, Brow & Lash Strengthener, Lash Fabricator and Red Sable Brush. These have been carefully crafted with the highest quality to groom brows and lashes in between appointments and in the comfort of your own home.

Shavata Singh London can now be found in 8 concessions exclusively in Harvey Nichols nationwide and our flag ship stand alone in Chiswick.

Shavata and her team are avid supporters of the Breast Cancer awareness charity: Break Through Breast Cancer which works for the prevention of this disease. As we work in a predominantly female environment, we affiliate ourselves with this charity to help raise awareness of a disease which affects so many women.

Shavata has raised thousands of pounds for this charity by taking part in various sponsored activities and many Studios engage in different programmes raising funds for charities. She supports local charities with events, offering complimentary treatments and raffle prizes.

Shavata has two children and wishes to be a great role model for them. As a single, working mum, she manages to find the time to help her children with their homework and when out of school, she enjoys taking them on adventurous holidays.

She appreciates all British Indians who are hardworking and ambitious, who have embraced the UK as their own home. The majority came to the UK with nothing and built new, prosperous lives from scratch. She has built a future and aims to reinforce a strong work ethic in her children.