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Brow Shaping Kit

The eyebrows structure the proportion of your face and frame your most essential features – your eyes.



  • Description

    Brow Shaping Kit. By shaping your brows you can instantly enhance your features and improve your look. With the eye of a true artist, Shavata manages to create the perfect arch for each individual. Using her knowledge and artistic eye, Shavata has created eyebrow shapers, so now you too can benefit.

  • How to apply

    To Shape The Brows:

    • Select the most suitable shape for you from the Brow Shaping Kit.
    • Peel the clear part of the stencil and position carefully over your brows.
    • Match the highest point of your brow to the highest point of the stencil.
    • Then follow the top of your brows to perfectly place the stencil.
    • Using the eyebrow pencil, draw a fine line inside the stencil shape.
      Remove the stencil and tweeze two or three hairs at a time from underneath the drawn line, without touching anything above the line.
    • Swap sides for an even result.

    n.b. Tweezing is the least painful after a hot shower as your pores are still open.

    To fill in the Brows:

    • Carefully position the clear part of the stencil over your brows.
    • Using light, feathery pencil strokes, fill in any gaps in the brows.
    • The more care taken blending the pencil into your brow hair, the more natural the look.
    • Remove the stencil and soften any hard lines using your ring finger or a Shavata Brow Comb and Brush.
    • Remove the stencil for your perfectly drawn brows.

    n.b. For best results always make sure the pencil is well sharpened and pointed.

    Eyebrow Brush

  • Ingredients

    Hydrogenated Coco-glycerides, Kaolin, Glyceryl Ricinoleate, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Polyethylene, Cera Microcristallina, Talc, Propylparaben, BHA [+/- CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77891, CI 77491]

    Net weight: 2g

    Made in the UK.


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