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The Lightinderm system is an anti-aging beauty treatment designed to be used at home. It is in no way designed to treat health conditions. When the device is used in the bathroom, unplug it after use, as a nearby water source poses a danger, even if it is turned off. For further protection, the installation of a residual current device (RDD) with a rated operating rating of less than 30 mA is recommended in the bathroom electrical circuit. Ask your installer for advice. Do not use this appliance near a bathtub, shower, sink or other container containing water. This appliance can be used by children over 8 years old and by people with reduced motor, sensory and mental abilities or who have never used it, as long as they are supervised or follow the instructions for safe use of the appliance. device, and are aware of the potential risks. Children, even if supervised, must not play with the device. So that you can recharge the battery, the part number of the removable power supply is shown below The device should only be used with the charger provided by the manufacturer. Charger reference: W&T-AD05 W050 100- removable power supply unit. • Do not let children play with the device Cleaning and maintenance of the appliance must not be carried out by children without supervision. This device has batteries that cannot be replaced. Do not use this product on extremely or chronically diseased, injured, or irritated skin (e.g., on inflamed or red skin, on allergy rashes, burns, bruises, swelling, or open sores or healing).